My Shop - Wool Tweed Heaven

January 04, 2023

Welcome to my shop where I showcase my handiwork with wool tweed fabric.

I grew up on Long Island but when I was 19, I met a young man from England who was visiting my tiny island world. I was completely smitten. Not only smitten with him, but with the English lifestyle he represented.

We met in 1992 and dated for two years.  He was studying at Queen Mary University in London and I was an Fashion major at my local community college. Every opportunity we got, we would jump on a plane and visit each other. We were the first young people in our respective towns to purchase fax machines so we could communicate instantly with each other to save on phone costs. It was magic. 

I fell in LOVE with England and was determined to move there much to my mother's dismay.

In 1994 we got married and you guessed it, I moved to England. 

We started off in a small flat in Battersea, London. 

I was immersed in the wacky and very different English lifestyle. I had to learn so many things from how to order dessert and make a Victoria sponge to how to hold my knife and fork the "proper" way. I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb but I managed and I loved it.

Then the life changing moment happened. I noticed a man in Battersea Park wearing TWEED! He looked like the tweed wearing fella in the photo above. Photo courtesy of Peter Christian Outfitters by the way. 

That was the beginning of my love for the scratchy but intriguing fabric. 

There were actually men walking around the British Isles dressed like this in the 1990's! HA! So very quaint. So very Dickens. Oh my. My heart couldn't take it.

It wasn't until we moved back to the States and several years later that I began my little business showcasing my sewing skills while using my favorite fabric - TWEED!

More to come......