About Me

I am Becky Smith, sole owner of Smokin’ Tweed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

I simply adore wool tweed, and you can read a little more about how I fell in love with the scratchy but irresistible fabric here .

All of my items are designed and handmade by me. You can see many of my past creations by visiting my Galleries

I am married to the dashing Englishman I blogged about and have a 17 year old son Teddy, who is a Gamer (much to my annoyance) and is slightly intrigued with my sewing skills but acts as if he isn’t.

We have 2 dogs, 4 cats (including Clarence the kitten who has made his acting debut on my IG account here: http://instagram.com/smokintweed ) and two birds who are incredibly noisy and annoy my poor husband to death.

We are constantly having work done in our house and the dogs have grown used to the hustle and bustle but the cats tip toe around the contractors as if we’ve been invaded by aliens. 

My husband, son and I all work remotely. Say a prayer for our sanity!